We are dedicated to improving the lives of millions of Sub-Saharan Africans living without access to electricity, Internet or water.


We tackle these challenges by providing off grid communities

with access to affordable productive power, unrestricted Internet

and water facilities to uplift and sustain their development.


If you would like to know more about our off grid Micro-Utilities or enquire about partnership opportunities, please get in touch.


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Junction Gardens, U02, Riara Road,

Nairobi, Kenya

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Our mission is to kickstart a virtuous cycle of economic growth in underserved communities by providing them with two of the most pivotal and empowering services: clean and affordable electricity and greater access to information.


Find out more about the socioeconomic impacts of our projects in the independent assessments carried out by the University of Cambridge and the University of Aberdeen.




Connecting both satellite and microwave backhauls, we work with multiple telecoms partners to help them expand their signal

to new communities through

our village Wi-Fi hotspots.


Our power containers are designed to accommodate an Internet cafe and small shop selling appliances and smartphones. Thus driving both community-wide Internet usage and supporting local schools’ educational efforts.




Our modular photovoltaic system powers household lights, phone charging and popular household appliances. All pre-paid through smart meters using mobile money.


We lay down a complete grid, distributing power across villages and connecting hundreds of homes at a time. With batteries providing a minimum of eight hours autonomy, our mini grids operate 24/7.




Our versatile biogas digesters process a diverse range of human, household and agricultural waste, fueling our 100% biogas generators powering heavy machinery, bore hole pumps and industrial anchor clients.


They also provide nutrient-rich organic fertiliser, boosting farmers’ yields and sustaining the agricultural waste to feed back into our system. Thus creating a circular zero waste energy model.


Our diverse team has worked across Sub-Saharan Africa in public, NGO and private sector engagements including NGO-driven impact projects, senior level governmental engagements and large capital expenditure infrastructure projects.